Police Defend Their Right To Shock Naked Wizard

04.23.09 Will Sherman


Earlier today, the Indio Police Department defended their officers who tasered the Naked Wizard at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. According to police spokesman Ben Guitron, the naked man was arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness and due to the crowd size, using a taser “was the best way to subdue him and take him.” Because he didn’t think tasering a naked man was “significant,” Guitron did not share the incident with media earlier, which makes us wonder whether these type of shenanigans happen so often in Indio that they’re not worth mentioning.

However, it’s more likely that he didn’t want to highlight how three burly cops completely failed to get handcuffs on one man pinned to the ground, and then resorted to a violent knee drop into his chest (which has already achieved animated gif status) and repeated shocks from a taser gun.

Photo by utsoftbl3