Poopy Diapers Inviting Bushwick Rat Infestation

05.17.12 Allison Burtch

The Bushwick rat wars continue. Citing overflowing trash, available food and profligate dirty diapers, the Department of Health is attempting to starve the rats from existence. By teaching residents to “think like rats,” Department of Health Brooklyn borough manager Yves Rene to starve the rats into lower litter rates. While healthy rats reproduce a whopping 48 times during their meager 7 month existence, underfed rats only have 16 babies. The more you know.

The NYC Health Department has a “Rat Information Portal” complete with a map where you can find information about a specific address.

Poopy Diapers: 1

Rats: 1

Bushwick: 0

(Photo: Arturo Vidich/Flickr)