Postmasters Gallery Hero: William Powhida’s Guide to Everything

11.21.11 Marina Galperina

I need more William Powhida in my life. These intricate outlines and diagrams, from distance, appear to be scribbles of an O.C.D.-possessed madman, but really, they explain everything. From illustrating why you will never get ahead in the art world unless you magically maneuver yourself to ascend to the impenetrable Abramović level of Goddess to outlining what really goes on in the mind of 1%-er for us peasants, Powhida knows what’s what.

His first solo show at Postmasters is appropriately named Derivatives* which is both a “common instrument in the financial market mainly for the purposes of speculating and hedging, or betting on or insuring against risk” and the art world’s “pejorative word used to describe works that are insufficiently original and a common method of determining value by establishing artistic lineage.” Translation? Hustle X2. William Powhida, “Derivatives*,” Oct 22 – Nov 26, 2011, Postmasters Gallery, NYC