Primate of Italy Claims Jesus Was Responsible for the Big Bang

01.06.11 Bucky Turco

Pope Joey Ratz said that the “universe is not the result of chance” and its formation should be credited to the “creator of heaven and earth.” Is he gearing up for what could be the year that scientists at CERN find the “God particle”?

It’s very possible. The collider is fully operational and researchers have been steadily smashing atoms.

Speaking of which, in case you were wondering why this particle is so important, Live Science explains using an analogy everyone can understand:

Imagine a large room full of people. When a celebrity walks in and tries to make her way to the bar at the other end, she makes slow progress because she is hindered by the crowds around her, all leaning in to catch a better glimpse.

The celebrity would be akin to a massive particle that is dragged down by the Higgs field. Alternately, a lightweight particle would be like an average Joe walking through the room — because the crowd (the field) would take little notice of him, he’d be able to move more freely.