Protesters Are Either for or Against Wac-Mart

01.07.11 Lauri Apple

Wac-Mart is the synthesis of two divergent causes: opposition to the Park51 not-mosque, and the adoration of Walmart expressed by xeno-banshee Pamela Geller and her ilk. In other words, a failed mash-up.

A product of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)/the American Freedom Defense Initiative–the group that has been campaigning against “Jewish Blood Libel” buses and replacing them with “Leaving Islam?” buses–the poster seems to suggest that Walmart is Islamic. This is the opposite message the protesters are trying to send. What they should have done is kept the crescent out of “Walmart” (disturbs the brand) and gone with a totally different image. Two on-message examples I can think of right now: a Walmart being attacked/trampled upon by a gigantic Imam Rauf (Raufzilla), or a plane crashing into a tall tower of discount firearms. These concepts better express the idea that our bargains are being terrorized by the supporters of “victory mosques,” who not-so-coincidentally also hate the discount-dependent working man.

Anyway, what’s this protest about? Geller, who’s executive director of the group, has details:

The Ayatollah of Bloomstan is working feverishly to erect the Ground Zero mosquestrosity. This is the madman’s focus. The NY snowstorm exhibited what a bloody failure this quisling is, bullied by organized labor and unions that did nothing the first 24 hours. What a difference a schmuck makes.

The same malevolent power is pulling the strings behind the Wal-Mart ban, and the NYC Council is only to happy to serve its master. NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is a shrill mosque shill. She and Bloomberg’s toolbox are refusing to allow jobs and lower prices in Manhattan. Who do these officials represent?

“Shrill mosque shill”? Get this lady a job at the NY Post! She may suck at art direction, but she’d be great with a headline.