See Putin Hang Glide With Cranes…
To Freebird!

09.06.12 Marina Galperina

We remixed it!* In a comedic media stunt, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin took to the skies over norther Siberia recently on a motorized hang glider in order to “help endangered cranes begin their migration to wintering grounds in Iran and India” and distract you from Pussy Riot. We added a little soundtrack.

Did it work? But look, he’s wearing a little white suit to look like a bird!

As you can see, there’re only two feathered lads following the president. Putin, a known public wildlife lover, says: “All the preservation programs we have started are still working. I don’t know what animal will be next. I will let the scientists decide – I am not just doing this for fun.” Yes, that’s right. He is not doing this for fun and this isn’t staged at all, like his staged accidental discovery of ancient Greek vases while scuba diving.

So yes, see Putin hang glide with cranes, and don’t forget that he can sing too and will make a gentle first lover. Do forget how those cops smashed skulls at the anti-Putin protests, all that corruption stuff and especially, especially the two-year gulag conviction of Pussy Riot for their 40-second protest performance inside a church.

The absurdity knows no bounds.

*Yes, we added you a song. Editor in chief of GQ Russia Michael Idov just did a BBC radio interview about this nonsense and says they played the music bit in the background, so we just couldn’t resist.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ANIMAL for more Pussy Riot coverage.