Putin Nominates Terrible Movie for Oscars, Continues Kinging

09.26.11 Marina Galperina

Putin continues to demonstratively trample democracy, and we’re not talking about the whole “running” for president in the 2012 “election” thing. The most expensive movie ever made in Russia — a box office disaster and a horribly reviewed festival flop directed by Putin’s friend — has been submitted to the Academy Awards.

A sequel to the 1994 Oscar-winning Burnt By the Sun, WWII epic[ly sucky] Citadel was picked in a secretive meeting in an act widely condemned by nationalist Putin-philiac dir. Mikhalkov’s “many enemies among Russia’s liberal intelligentsia.” It’s been dubbed “cronyism,” due to the decades-long bromance and sponsorship from the soon-to-be-prez. There are vocal protests within the film community, while the Russian blogosphere is shitting itself from rage.

Here’s some disambiguation:

We suck at blockbusters. Nobody’s expecting ‘Saving Private Ivanov’ out of Russia, we are only good at producing deeply psychological, sometime suicidal images. Self-criticism, self-flagellation, sacrifice. Mikhalkov is just blind.

Mikhalkov is a kind of cinematographic Putin, who first came to power during fair elections, but then usurped it under the guise of decorative procedures. Like Putin, he likely wants to remain in power until his death.

Considering Russia’s brave pioneering of cryogenics, pro’lly longer.