Putin Promises Very Gay Olympics!

10.29.13 Marina Galperina

“We are doing everything, both the organizers and our athletes and fans, so that participants and guests feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation,” Russia’s president Putin told the head of the International Olympic Committee at the IOC’s inspection of Sochi.

The president also told the inspectors that “there is no discrimination against gays in Russia.”  Despite continuous stories of oppression of gay Russia and the legal discrimination that leads to social climate of hate, murders and suicides and the violent torture and abuse of its youth since the passing of “Putin’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law.”

The gays-welcome policy will only apply to visiting athletes and fans. The rest of Russia should keep gaying it down. Anything gay or pro-gay or not anti-gay — outside of the great gay bubble of the Olympics — is still considered gay propaganda and will be punished to the full extent of the gay.

It’s the kind of wishy-washy, confusing, deeply hypocritical and deliberately vague statement we were expecting Putin to make. With the games fast approaching, Putin’s pitiful PR attempt to rebrand himself as a graciously tolerant person is still problematic enough that the media’s focus will remain on Russia’s LGBT Human Rights crisis and not on the countless other issues with the Sochi Olympic games, including that whole fucking up the environment forever bit.