R.I.P. Pink Brownstone, 1971-2012

12.04.12 Andy Cush

Back in October we told you that Park Slope’s (in)famous pink brownstone at the corner of Garfield and Polhemus had limited days left in this world, and now, we regretfully inform you that its life has indeed drawn to a close. Painted Bernie Henry, a 95-year-old previous owner, the home’s status was effectively preserved when the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission named the area a historic district, preventing changes to any building’s facade.

The building’s owners, however, successfully petitioned the city to make the change, and painted over the pink last weekend. As a lonely reminder of what once was, the painters left a single swatch of bubblegum under the home’s staircase. For shame, for shame.

(Photo: Matt Carman/Flickr)