Racist Incorporated: Nate Hill’s New Art

10.31.11 Marina Galperina

NYC artist Nate Hill of Death Bear, Punch Me Panda and China Garbage Taxidermy Tour fame has given up performance art! For a bit. To do this. Presenting: Racist Incorporated — an internet art project that’s going to make you very uncomfortable.

Remember the white girl milk-“purifying” garglers of White Power Milk? That’s part one. “Since I’m half black and half white, I find the tension between the two races fascinating,” Nate tells ANIMAL. “I started making work about race that is presented on the Internet and stopped doing performance art.” Instead of trying to theorize this with my blah-blah, let’s let the artist/the CEO of Racist Incorporated speak.

Racist Incorporated is also Race Warriors — “Answer ten easy questions to uncover your racial prejudices, and play your own personalized race war video game.” Comprised of hacked NES games and Do the Right Thing clips (for “nostalgia” purposes), “The game functions on the logic that if you take part in an experience that is both racist and absurd then racism is absurd,” Nate explains.

The last of the triad as the Twitter White Smell Bot — “Learn what black people have to say when no one is looking about how white people smell.” Oh, it’s racist. I asked Nate if it’s getting him Twitter hate. “Why would I get hate? I’m just retweeting what other people say. I’m only curating. That is what Racist Incorporated is designed to do. We make racist experiences for good. If the racism repulses you, which I hope it does, then that is good.”

Looks like Nate isn’t quitting performance art but modifying it.