Rap Radar Sloppily Leaks Internal Email, Shows the Making of An Eminem “Exclusive”

06.04.09 Bucky Turco


While it’s true that they’re not the most internet savvy bunch—hell Rap Radar can’t even get a properly functioning search box on their well funded website—who would have thought they’d be so dopey as to forward internal emails detailing the ease of getting one of those Eminem “exclusives” they so brazenly boast about? As you can see by this very short exchange between the site’s whipping boy and Editor-In-Chief Elliot Willson, all it takes is an email to Rap Radar sugar daddy and Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, who by the way, totally slept on the story.

Although he promised to get something out on Tuesday, it wasn’t until Wednesday they got some access. Oh and for the newly initiated out there, you can’t break a story that’s already been broken two days earlier. You merely scored an assist.

UPDATE: Paul Rosenberg responds. In addition to being a sugar daddy, manager, and gatekeeper, he’s apparently a PR maven too: “In response to your question, timing is everything.” I asked why it took so long to get word out.