Rare Photo of Andy Warhol Being Normal

03.02.12 Marina Galperina

For a gent who reigned over New York’s most revered drug den, Andy barely took drugs, rarely drank and had a daily compulsion to pray at church. So here’s a never-before-exhibited photo of the party boy at a skating rink. Not too posed. Just hangin.’ Aloof. Heeey, Andy.

As opposed to this, yeah, real natural. “This is such an unusual image where it’s almost this action shot and you’re seeing Andy as an everyday person,” says Marla Goldwasser, director of Affirmation Arts. “His arms rip open and he’s just looking directly into the camera. Even when the artist is in the picture in a self-portrait, he sets it up, he tells somebody when to snap the picture.” So, go to this exhibit of 53 vintage gelatin silver prints that never left Pittsburgh, including eight never-before-seen: “Warhol: Confections & Confessions, 8×10 B+W Photographs from The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh,” Mar 3 – May 5, Affirmation Arts, New York.