Ray Kelly’s Bodyguards Will Cost Taxpayers $1.5 Million After He Leaves

12.04.13 Andy Cush

When Ray Kelly leaves the office of police commissioner next year, he’ll take with him a 10-officer NYPD bodyguard detail–one that will cost taxpayers more than $1.5 million a year, according to DNAinfoThe squad will consist of a lieutenant, three sergeants, and six detectives who will protect Kelly’s family 24 hours a day.

Michael Bloomberg will take an even larger detail with him but the city won’t be footing the bill. Seventeen of the mayor’s guards will leave the force, and he’ll pay them $150,000 per year each as private citizens.

As DNAinfo points out, this won’t be the first time Kelly takes taxpayer-funded protection–he did so after leaving office in 1994 as well. Howard Safir, who left office in 2000, is the only other commissioner to ever take NYPD security after stepping down.