Real William S. Burroughs Turd Used in Bioart Project

02.09.11 Marina Galperina

Someone in Kansas has a jar of authentic William S. Burroughs shit. Bioartists Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky are going to extract the transgressive writer’s genes from said shit, amplify and shoot them into some cell nuclei with an art gun… Now that’s fitting. With an approving nod from Burroughs Estate, Mutate or Die: a W.S. Burroughs Biotechnological Bestiary will combine “flora/genetic info of WSB with another organism to produce an avant, transgenic mutation” and here’s how… 

Something tells me that Bill would love to be living on through a cut-up of shit, genes and gold canonized by a “gun.”

Mutate or Die works like so:

1: Take a glob of William S. Burroughs’ preserved shit
2: Isolate the DNA with a kit
3: Make, many, many copies of the DNA we extract
4: Soak the DNA in gold dust
5: Load the DNA dust into a genegun (a modified air pistol)
6: Fire the DNA dust into a mix of fresh sperm, blood and shit
7: Call the genetically modified mix of blood, shit, and sperm a living bioart, a new media paint, a living cut-up literary device and/or a mutant sculpture.

Boom. Tangent: William S Burroughs: A Man Within doc comes out on DVD next week, featuring Burroughs’s gun dealer.