Relatively New Clips and Pics from Gaspar Noe: I Want To ‘Enter The Void’ Already!

02.26.10 Marina Galperina


Those of you tirelessly trolling for news on Gaspar Noe’s latest arthouse cinema mind-fuck probably already know that the three-hour-long, 2001: A Space Odyssey-inspired trip through hell has been picked up for distribution by IFC Films with a US release slated for March 22nd.

Enter the Void’s Facebook page recently posted fresh new HD stills and a blaring title sequence. Commence seizure.

That sets the tone nicely, doesn’t it?

As the shot-dead brother of The Limits of Control‘s Paz de la Huerta (NSFW)/stripper Linda, Oscar the drug dealer’s ghost floats about to protect her and drags audience through neon Tokyo streets POV-style, complete with blinking, an abortion sequence and a penis head from the perspective of a vagina. Sounds forced? You bet.

In the usual endless, endlessly boring mainstream diarrhea of dissapointments and with the increasing sparseness of schedules in retrospective NYC cinemas, there’re becoming less and less reasons to go to the movies. And I want to go to the damn movies! I’m numb, worn out, bored and hence all up for some auteur cine-trauma! There was even a chance that Enter the Void would have been a 3D film, but the funding didn’t pull through, partially because it would have been “too much” (do I hear a challange?), partially for the lack of opressed nations of Blue Kittehs. Oh, well.

So, who’s excited?