Pop-Up Spaces For The Masses In LES

08.20.12 Andy Cush

According to architect Eric Ho, there are nearly 200 vacant storefronts on the Lower East Side. He’s looking to put them to good use by creating a catalog of all of LES’s usable spaces and making them available for temporary rental, directly from their landlords. Renting daily, weekly, or monthly, customers could use the spaces as pop-up galleries, event spaces, or classrooms. “How this all started is that I saw so many vacant store or lots, and I wanted to know why,” Ho told DNAinfo.

MiLES–that’s Made in the Lower East Side–an organization of which Ho is a member, is seeking a $5,000 grant from GOOD.is’s Good Maker Art Challenge. The organization would use the funding towards creating a a light, easily-operable piece of furniture that could easily be transformed into a meeting table, projector, or stage, allowing renters to most effectively utilize the space. “It is an idea that people can use a vacant store or lot without much intervention,” said Ho.

Ho and MiLES pitched the idea to Community Board 3 to a “positive response,” with hope to get it off the ground by July 2013.

(Photo: Euran Slorach/Flickr)