Richard Kern’s Tips for a Healthy Marriage

05.24.10 Marina Galperina

When your primary occupation is photographing nude teenage girls, you’d think that would cause some marital friction. Not for Richard Kern. NYC’s visual transgressive/champion of the up-skirt fine arts and his wife have a way of avoiding banal jealousy: Kern limits his candidness and Martynka is a little bit of a female cuckold-lite.

When recently asked by Hint if his wife ever gets jealous, Kern answered:

Maybe, but she wouldn’t tell me! She’s a photographer herself and often goes off and shoots guys. We don’t talk about it. Yeah, she’s very tolerant, I guess.

She has told him, in fact, indirectly, when she starred in one of the docu-episodes of Shot By Kern for ViceTV. As a former teenage Kern model herself, Martynka says:

It turns me on that he’s shooting 18-year-old hot girls, I find it exciting… That little bit of jealousy makes my obsession last longer.

While the filmmaker/photographer produces real hardcore softcore porn on the side, Martynka testifies that Kern is extremely professional on shoots and makes the models feel “confident and attractive” (as opposed to humiliated and depressed, ahem, Terry.)

Richard Kern’s current Euro-centric photography exhibit at London’s Rove gallery has “doughy” English Roses perverting parks and more. See a few works below.

“Shot By Kern,” Richard Kern, May 21 – Jun 26, Rove, London