Roger Ebert Explores Cyberpunk Derivatives on Twitter

03.15.10 Marina Galperina

Yesterday, Roger Ebert happily tweeted about sparking a diminutive comment spat between steampunks and dieselpunks.

As documentweeted by his seemingly recent admiration of steampunk junk like keyboards, earpiece and stripper hills and punctuated by the repeated “you know you want it” descriptions, it seems like someone’s got himself a fetish. Ebert went so far as to explain the whole steampunk thing to sub-culture illiterates on Sun Times, resulting in a cute comment dorkfest:

“Steampunk” has died the death of the 8-track. Get out your Google and take a look at “dieselpunk”

Bah. Dieselpunk is just steampunk without the aesthetic sense or the fine motor skills.

actually, Jim, a great many people that do steampunk regularly also do dieselpunk, pulp, etc. it’d be nice if ill-informed, sweeping generalizations would die the death of the 8-track, though.

Steampunk and Dieselpunk are cool or whatever, but Salvagepunk is where it’s really at.

What’s this then? While the whole anachronistic costume thing has always bewildered me with its airs of meticulousness, “a post-apocalyptic vision of a kaputt world” makes dressing up in goggles and pseudo-mechanical trinkets suddenly seem very political. Swank?

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert himself becomes part sci-fi with a new machine that compiles years of his prerecorded quotes into his new voice — a mechanically manifested self.