Rolling in the Weed Van

09.18.12 Aymann Ismail & Joseph Schulhoff

You can’t miss a van covered in pictures of weed nuggets, lollipops, and smiling gals in bikinis. Look closer and you’ll wonder, “Wait… Are they selling weed lollipops?” Not exactly. ANIMAL took a ride inside. Come on in.

Two Alabama vagabonds who surreptitiously go by “Kush” and “Dro” push what they describe as hemp-flavored lollipops out of their eye-yanking van. The entrepreneurs roam from city to city, perpetually smoking and peddling these non-intoxicating treats. Their clientele is comprised of people who are dazzled by the decals and expect candy drugs, people who are confused but are willing to give the lollipops a shot, and people who legitimately enjoy hemp-flavored candy.

Despite the lack of THC, the hemp-flavored candies sell for $5 a pop. Kush and Dro say that the van, aside from a business venture, is a political movement to spread awareness for legalization. Should legalization ever come to be, these guys will have the proper business plan and product in place, except with a slight modification to the recipe.