Ron English v. Angry Christians and Traumatized Vets

08.18.10 Marina Galperina

Ron English and his “subvertisements” at the Electric Windows Project in Beacon made certain townsfolk very angry. Berated by Christians at a board meeting, English replaced a few of the posters.

The board lawyered up and grieved that they couldn’t force English to take Jesus the corporate whore down. That pesky First Amendment again! English writes:

After I spoke, a wave of angry Christians took their turns at the mike. One woman wanted to know why she couldn’t paste up the photos of dead fetuses that she routinely held up at the health clinic. Others wanted to know what gave me the right to comment on the most powerful religion on the planet. And one board member expressed outraged that I was promoting crack… to the children…

Then a self-professed stateside noncombat post traumatic stress-afflicted veteran informed me that he had notified Miller High Life about my offensive parody of their brand…

Now everyone’s happy. They especially loved the authentic Chinese propaganda poster. It has children… and fruit… and was state-sanctioned… by communists.

What an awful drug-peddling heretic! How dare he present simple visual ideas to people incapable of grasping them? A post traumatic stress-afflicted vet taking up arms against a post traumatic stress awareness poster is quite sad, but it’s also pretty tragic that these humorless drips are going through life immune to irony and farce.

“Crack” replaced with “BP.”