Rosson Crow’s “Bowery Boys” At the Deitch Projects

02.25.10 Marina Galperina

On the dying breaths of the Deitch Projects, comes word of their Rosson Crow “Bowery Boys,” opening March 4th. As one of the last Deitch Projects shows, Rosson’s exhibit explores NYC’s “bad boy” side with large, bold, neon-ladden canvases featuring 1980s wild-style bombed trains, Chinatown opium dens of 1880s, vintage sex clubs, barbershops, discos, “gangs, graffiti, gays, drugs and illicit sex.” Lest you all forget how cool we are here in NYC.

While it’s a little un-feminist for the press release to beat about how feminist she is with her “marked interest in masculine spaces,” Rosson’s spray paint and acrylic works are curiously and colorfully bombastic, inviting with its allusions to artists/Dietch Project’s historical priors like Kieth Haring and Dash Snow. Ah, memories…

As Jeffrey Deitch abandons us for that cozy MOCA gig, palm trees, plastic Cali bimbos and sunshine, it’s sad that NYC is losing yet another interesting landmark. From shows with skateboarders, vintage video games, powdered nude women and Fisherspooner to Michel Gongry’s recreation of video shop and sweded sets from Be Kind Rewind and the Art Parade, Deitch Projects was fun while it lasted. I guess as the teeming scenester crowds ebbed, Deitch decided it’s time to go too. What now?

“The Bowery Boys,” Rosson Crow, Mar 4 – Mar 27, Deitch Projects, New York