Roti’s Mural in Atlanta Buffed Again, Officially This Time

12.14.12 Marina Galperina

One of the highlights of Atlanta’s Living Walls street art conference was French artist Roti’s 240-foot free-hand mural with its surreal, complex, crocodile motif, commissioned for the event. It was buffed by a some sort of a vigilante mob. To the accusations that they had no right to vandalize the mural, the mob representative — a retired legislator — said the mural had no right to be painted in the first place. Other community members attempted to restore it, but the fate of the mural was questionable.

So, here’s your bleak update. Though there Georgia Department of Transportation is now buffing the mural themselves. It turns out it wasn’t the adjacent business that gave permission for the mural that actually owns the mural, but the Georgia Department of Transportation, who were planning on painting over the mural by the end of the year. They didn’t wait that long.

Well, that’s a hell of a bad precedent to set.

RIP, Crocky.