Roxy Paine’s Fungi Vs. Germs and Other 'Object Fictions'

01.24.12 Marina Galperina

In A vs. B, “hand-crafted simulacra of fungi and flora” do battle with bacteria, Darwinian style. And you thought Roxy Paine just made chrome, spindly trees. James Cohan Gallery’s current group show is curated around the idea of fiction, ordinary things and events that need your “sustained looking.” So, go and sustain: Everything’s not what it seems. Matt Johnson’s Madonna is made from duct tape. Patricia Dauder’s 16mm film of extraterrestrial lights over Canary Islands are actually the result of US Navy’s ballistic missile launches. More object fictions at “Object Fictions,” Group Show, Jan 6 – Feb 11, James Cohan Gallery, NYC