Russia's Flawed $1 Billion Election Fraud Surveillance Plan

01.26.12 Marina Galperina

Remember how Russia’s parliamentary election had so much obnoxious, YouTube-documented fraud, that thousands of angry Russians protested in the street? Don’t worry. The Kremlin has it on lock down, soon equipping 94,000 polling stations with no less than 300,000 web surveillance cameras. Pffffffft.

The story goes: $1,000,000,000 of the federal budget is allocated for the unprecedented project and private surveillance companies are in full production/shipping mode, cha-ching. Two cameras will be installed at each polling station, one aimed at a voting booth and one general view of the polling station, live-streaming to the internet. Only…

There’s more than one voting booth in there. Good luck installing internet in all of rural Russia. Oh, and it’s unclear who’s going to be monitoring all these feeds… which will probably crash the Russian internet altogether.

Also unclear: Why all this effort for an “absolutely transparent” presidential election? I thought presidential candidate Putin said those that called out his United Russia party for fraud were just Banderlogs?