Russian Environmentalists Don’t Play: Anarchists Storm Town

07.29.10 Marina Galperina

A horde of supposed “anarchists” stormed a mayor’s office in a Moscow suburb in a flash mob of environmental activism and Molotov cocktails. Tensions over the destruction of the ancient Khimki forest have been mounting for years, recently elevating.

On Monday, a horde of between 100 to 500 masked forest defenders reportedly gathered in central Moscow and took a commuter train to Khimki, bats and air guns and all. After chasing away the coppers with bottles and rock peltings, they chopped down the mayor’s door with an ax, chucked flares and Molotov’s into the windows of the government building until all five floors were filled with smoke and fled, leaving behind “Save the Russian Forest” tags.

When the city security squad came out of their holes, the protesters had already caught the train back, so, with no one to arrest, the cops hobbled over to the forest instead and arrested nine hippies living there. The arrest will prevent the wood-dwellers from attending a decisive meeting about the Khimki forest. The same environmentalist camp had just been attacked by some other masked group/henchmen over the weekend. All this over a freeway.

At least no one got beaten half to death this time.