Russian Lynch Mob Destroys a Fake Weed Dealer’s Car While Cops Watch

12.18.12 Marina Galperina

Well, this is the craziest Russian video I’ve seen in a long time. Trust me.

NOW WATCH as a posse of Russian dudes, their identities vaguely masked by their hoods, smash all the windows of a black Niva, bust up the metal exterior and pour red paint all over it in broad daylight, after their vigilante undercover bust of the “Spice” synthetic weed dealer/driver.

A young journalist just “happens to be there,” pointing at the lynch mob scene, all like “Let’s see what happens next!”

What happens next is that after kicking, beating, stoning the car to near death and plastering it with a “I am killing your children” sticker, the posse bounces, leaving the car immobile on the tracks of a street car. As bus traffic backs up for blocks, a shiny Porsche pulls up. It’s really becoming a movie now. Are you seeing this? Pass the pop corn.

Out come some toughs to see what dis all about. They get into a bit of a physical scuffle with the journalist.

Meanwhile, baby Russian coppers are just standing by looking at it. They don’t arrest anyone. At all. The journalist taps on the shattered window of the dealer’s car with a “hey, you’re blocking traffic.”

Coppers continue to do nothing.

Yeah, you just saw that.

Russia, man. Russia.