Russian Riot Police Beat Anti-Putin Protestors Bloody

05.07.12 Marina Galperina

Since Sunday, there have been 20,000 people protesting the “election” of president Putin in the streets of Moscow, and once they attempted to swerve of pre-approved route and stage sit-ins, all hell broke loose. Hell is the Russian riot police, clobbering heads with batons, dragging protestors off by their hair, sending dozens to the hospital with bloody faces and detaining 400 people, including all major opposition leaders. It was riot gear vs. protest flagpoles, clouds of tear gas vs. hurled rocks. Meanwhile, Putin was sworn in as president and blessed by the lying, bling-loving Patriarch Kirill, declaring “We want to live and we will live in a democratic country where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to apply their talent and labor, their energy.” And there you have it: Classically villainous antagonists and dissent of cinematic proportions.