Ryan McGinley’s Animals In Close Proximity To Naked Crotches

05.17.12 Marina Galperina

Ryan McGinley’s ongoing series of nudes and critters is up now at New York’s Team Gallery. If you’re not impressed with his placyful juxtaposition of bodies, animals and candy-color backgrounds, at least be impressed with his assistants’ ability to wrangle a tiny clawed monkey perched atop a model’s junk without major damage. Just some scratches and bruises.

Visiting US zoos, sanctuaries and rescue centers, McGinley would set up a mobile studio and stage these cinematic interspecies cuddlefests to explore “both tension and tenderness between the models and wild animals, as they claw, clutch, nibble, and hug one another.”

And yes, he used professional animal trainers.

“Animals,” Ryan McGinley, May 2 – Jun 2, Team Gallery, New York