SantaCon Crackdown Continues: No Beards in Bars, Say Cops

12.13.13 Andy Cush

After Midtown police officers did everything in their power to get SantaCon out of their neighborhood this year, the event’s organizers announced it would be parading drunkenly through the Lower East Side and Brooklyn instead, and LES cops are following suit.

The NYPD’s 7th Precinct is asking area establishment owners to bar any Santas from drinking unless they remove their beards. “It’s for the cameras,” a police source told the Daily News“If a fight breaks out in a bar and we have video, we want to see them without their beards.”

It’s probably tough to chug a beer through all that bushy white hair, anyway. The mayhem begins Saturday at 10AM.

(Photo: Dave Bledsoe/Flickr)