Save Kate's Joint (And the Spirit of the East Village?)

03.29.12 Bucky Turco

It would suck if Kate’s Joint closes. The East Village staple is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in the city where the food doesn’t taste like sautéed dirt. Sadly, the eatery owes A LOT in back rent and has launched an online fundraiser, but is still way short of its $30,000 goal. This could spell the end for the meatless bistro and according to the pledge drive’s description, the neighborhood as well:

“This is not just about saving Kate’s Joint; it is about preserving the East Village. It is about preserving small, female owned businesses. Don’t let Avenue B turn in to a row of Starbucks and banks; help keep small businesses alive!”

If the money can’t be raised through supporters, they’re “also in talks with other funding sources, including loans and investors.” Hopefully, they’re the kind of investors that won’t insist on bacon.