Schnabel Wrangles New Young Girlfriend, Ooooh

04.17.12 Marina Galperina

Famous artist and talented filmmaker Julian Schnabel who can wear pajamas to the Oscars because he’s Julian Schnabel is no longer dating the beautiful Italo-Palestinian journalist/novelist/Miral screenwriter Rula Jebreal, for whom he left his beautiful Spanish actress/second wife Olatz López Garmendia. He was seen leaving the Urs Fischer opening at the Gagosian Gallery with his new girlfriend — beautiful Danish model May Andersen, 0.48 times his age.

This gossip post consciously adds absolutely no substantial commentary to neither art nor film discourse. The most irritating photo of Schnabel and most Maxim-esque photo of Anderson have been purposely selected to accompany it. If, knowing all this, you’re still going “Daaamn, Schnab. I should be an artist,” you shouldn’t be an artist. I got you, you shallow sexist!