Second Moscow Bomber Identified

04.05.10 Marina Galperina

metroThe second suicide bomber has been identified by her family as a missing 28-year-old computer science teacher from Dagestan. The first bomber, a seventeen-year-old ‘Black Widow,’ was reportedly avenging the death of her insurgent husband whom she met in a chat room and married when she was 16.

Bombings are claimed by rebel leader Umarov as retribution of the execution of several poor Dagestan villagers by Russian soldiers. As the Moscow metro death count passes 50, President Medvedev has declared an insurgent crackdown, wielding a familiar rhetoric. Many Muscovites interpret the government’s statements like “stricter control of this” and “tighter regulations of that” to be used for the own interests and conspiracy theories of government agents playing a part in the bombing continue. |Reuters, AP|