Second Teaser for Gasper Noe’s “Enter the Void,” Now With More Strippers!

04.05.10 Marina Galperina


Previously teased with some neon signage seizures, here’s comes the second teaser trailer for Gaspar Noe’s neon junkie-porn art film, Enter the Void. With IFC Films moving the US release date  to September, you’ll have to settle for these erratic colorful bursts of stripper action.

And then there’s the 17 minute reel from the uncut version that you’ll never see, lest you get illegally crafty somehow. 

Dubbed “one of the most technically ambitious pieces of garbage ever made!” by the Mormon Times and anxiously anticipated by us sinners, despite funding issues, Enter the Void employs the technical mastery of Pierre Buffin, the visual effects main man for Fight Club, Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, and more.

The film premieres in theaters in Japan and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, check out the TwitchFilm interview with a bunch of orgy/birth trauma/endless radiant misery spoilers.