See Exactly What Crimes Are Happening In Your Neighborhood on New Map

12.09.13 Andy Cush

The NYC crime map released yesterday by the NYPD makes for effective scaremongering: enter your address (or any address) and you’re treated to a geolocated list of every reported crime that’s occurred in that area since 2012. My neighborhood has seen its fair share of violence and thefts, and the area surrounding ANIMAL’s Hell’s Kitchen Office has had a handful of grand larcenies and a robbery.

As the Village Voice, the map includes one glaring hole:

There is a giant, gaping blind spot in the data visualization, though. Filter for murder, and the map will show the streets where New Yorkers have, for example, been shot, or stabbed, or strangled in the last two years. If a New Yorker died after being hit by a car rather than a stray bullet, though, that person’s death won’t be counted.

The map will be updated, presumably without any information about traffic deaths, every week. It comes just days after the department’s decision to cut off journalists’ access to information from police precincts.