Severed, Phallic Fingers on Maurizio Cattelan’s High Line Park Billboard

06.01.12 Marina Galperina

“Fingers are something sexual, like penises,” artist Maurizio Cattelan says about the wrinkled digits dangling on his new High Line billboard, unveiled today.

They’re manicured, bejeweled, detached and hanging at 10th Avenue and West 18th Street, David Shrigley’s cynical sulk replaced with blue velvet.

Yes, Cattelan is still retired from art since his Guggenheim retrospective, no longer erecting giant middle finger monuments or mounting oligarchs’ trophy wives, but he is still making Toilet Paper Magazine with Pierpaolo Ferrari, his collaborator on the billboard. He didn’t do it alone, so it doesn’t really count. The billboard is up through June 30th, to promote their magazine’s next issue.

Speaking of, this here magazine trailer promised asses. Finger-“penises” will have to do. Yes, they are. “It doesn’t always have to be a cigar.”

(Photo: Scott Lynch/Flickr)