Sexy NYC Taxi Driver Calendar Is Sexy

12.11.13 Marina Galperina

You’re out of luck if you wanted to buy this sexy calendar of “NYC Taxi Drivers.” It’s already backordered. Freelance photographers Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin took these “sultry” photos of “some of the city’s best-humored taxi drivers” being all swag, kittenish and manly-man and way underestimated just how popular something like this would be.

Why hello Hicham, Jose, Dan, Darek and Yasar. How’s that taxi condom vending machine thing going if you know what I’m sayin you know what I’m sayin?

It’s very amusing. And sexually confusing.

And since charity can be such a boner-kill, I’m hiding this part down here.

100% of net sales proceeds will go to University Settlement, America’s oldest settlement house (1886), based on New York City’s Lower East Side and serving over 30,000 immigrant and working individuals and families every year with basic services like quality education, housing, and literacy programs.