Shaolin Warriors Coming to Brooklyn

11.20.12 Andy Cush

Though the Wu-Tang Clan famously used the name “Shaolin” to refer to their home borough of Staten Island, when monks from the titular temple in China visit New York City later this month they’ll be headed to Brooklyn. The Shaolin monks, who are renowned for their skills in Kung Fu and other Chinese martial arts, will be visiting Brooklyn College November 25 to display their art. “They are masters of kung fu,” said Han Wanqiao, interpreter for the group. “They crush metal bars on their foreheads, they smash stone slabs on their belly, they lie on beds of nails, they thrust a spear on their throat, and bend the spears into a curve.”

And though the monks’ blows are brutal, their minds are strong as well. “They are no longer in the Shaolin Temple, but they still have their tradition. They do meditation everyday,” said Wanqiao. “They practice martial arts intensively, and during the tour they don’t have much time, so they take 30 minutes before the show to warm up, leaping, jumping, stretching.”

Tickets are $30.

(Photo: Sven Laqua/Flickr)