Shepard Fairey Accused of More Lies

10.21.09 Will Sherman


Admitting to covering up the source of his presidential HOPE portrait, Shepard Fairey said his lying and evidence destruction was merely an attempt to conceal his “mistake” of actually believing he had used a different image. The Associated Press has fired back, calling the graphic design-stealing artist’s story completely implausible and saying his alleged mistake was only an effort “to spin those bad acts in the best light possible to the Court and the public.” In a press release accompanying amendments to their countersuit, the AP also questions the integrity of Fairey’s dreams about George Clooney.

“It is simply not credible that Fairey somehow forgot in January 2009 which source image he used to create the Infringing Works, which were completed only a year earlier in January 2008,” today’s filing says.

“It also strains credulity that an experienced graphic designer such as Shepard Fairey misremembered cropping George Clooney out of a source image and making other changes … when no such cropping or other changes were ever made.”

“Hope” portrait on left by Shepard Fairy, Photograph on right by Mannie Garcia