Shepard Fairey Endorses Obama Again, Because Duh

10.31.12 Marina Galperina

Predictably, Shepard “Hope Poster” Fairey has resumed his on-again off-again endorsement of President Obama for the  upcoming election after two years of being critical of his policies, especially those concerning Gitmo.

He says:

I have finally articulated why I will vote for Barack Obama and why I’d urge others to do the same. I procrastinated because my feelings about Obama and the state of politics right now are complex. My writing for 90days90 reasons reflects my most constructive take on Obama and how we can move forward. Please take a look and share. ALSO use your voice and vote on Nov. 6!

Hear hear. Said writing comes via this handy playing card.

Not to complicate Fairey’s (and your) complex feelings, but there’s more to our ethical meanderings aside from Clearly Evil Guy vs. Clearly Not Nearly So Evil Guy thing. What about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate and the only candidate who doesn’t think kid-killing drones are ok?

And since Shepard Fairey is not planning on doing another campaign poster for Obama, here are some Creative Commons-licensed images of Gary Johnson for Shep. Just in case.

(Image: Flickr)