Shepard Fairey’s Mural Bombed Over and Over in Copenhagen

09.06.11 Marina Galperina

Since Shepard Fairey and his mural first took a hit in Copenhagen last month, “the mural continues to get vandalized regularly.” Fairey wasn’t planning on fixing his mural (again) and called the initial attacks “senselessly barbaric.” Regardless, they keep on coming.

Since the left-leaning activists were evicted by the government in 2007, the sore sight and surroundings of the former Jagtvej 69 Youth House is covered with graffiti, but judging by the “Go home Yankee hipster” wall insignia, Peace was not welcome from the beginning. Judging by the ongoing methodical vandalism, the Fairey-purging ritual will only continue — just like it did in NYC last year. (Photos: Hyperallergic)