James Deen’s Advice to Times Square Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Kit Shoppers

09.28.12 Marina Galperina

“People read the book and think they’re experts, but they can hurt themselves,” says a female employee of Gotham City sex shop in Times Square where apparently there’s an influx of older women coming in buy gags, rope, muzzles and other bondage accessories after reading the ever-popular Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM-ish book series.

The store is now selling movie-inspired “kits” complete with hand-cuffs, classic music that Christian Grey (the character seemingly inspired by pornstar James Deen) likes and said books. It’s been causing some not-so-good-kind of pain, apparently, as “the store had to stop selling leather floggers because of housewives who hit their husbands too hard,” so they switched to rubber ones.

Naturally, we asked pornstar-turned-actor James Deen for his advice to these kinkster n00bs — he’s already given ANIMAL nifty commentary on how to make ethical hard BDSM, after all. He says:

“If people are unsafely experimenting with anything new then it becomes unsafe… Don’t just hit someone during sex, learn how to hit someone so it won’t do anything other than enhance their sexual experience. Also, you should make sure they are into that kind of thing before doing it.”

Sounds reasonable, right?