Shooting Tiananmen Square: Newly Published Vintage Photos

06.04.09 Bucky Turco

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the “Tiananmen Square Massacre” or as the Chinese government and Google* prefers, the “June 4 Incident,” when tanks rolled down the street and soldiers ruthlessly murdered pro-democracy protesters. Honoring the human rights stomping occasion, a flickr user posted a set of never before seen photos that were “taken in the city on the morning of June 4th, 1989” and were shot with a “rudimentary point-and-shoot film camera.” UPDATE: Weird, they’ve made the set private now, how fitting. Glad we grabbed the ones we did.

*If you search “Tinnamen Square” in Google China you get nothing whereas searching “June 4 Incident” offers some results.

Photos by SixFourEightyNine