Shoppers’ Bill of Rights Aims to Reign in Retail Racial Profiling

12.10.13 Andy Cush

On the heels of news that Barneys had changed its store policy to make it more difficult for in-store cops to racially profile customers comes this “bill of rights” aimed at ending profiling at that retailer and several others.

The bill, which was agreed upon by retail executives and community leaders including Al Sharpton, is to be placed in a public location in each of the stores. It calls for the discipline or firing of employees who engage in profiling, and mandates that workers “respect the basic civil and legal rights of any person suspected” of stealing.

Of course, as an informal agreement, it will only have power if the stores uphold it. The Daily News asked Bill de Blasio’s office whether incoming police commissioner Bill Bratton would support the bill. De Blasio spokeswoman Lis Smith said that Bratton would meet with the group, adding, “Mayor-elect de Blasio has said repeatedly that his administration will have zero tolerance for racial profiling of any kind.”

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)