Short Film Not Commissioned By Steven Spielberg Removed From Vimeo

03.29.10 Bucky Turco

headon_video A short film supposedly commissioned by Steven Spielberg that’s been sitting shyly on Vimeo for three months and recently enjoyed some blog pickup has been taken down. Director Michael Koerbel claimed “Head On” was made with the help of Steven Spielberg, but according to IMDB, DreamWorks released a statement denying any association.

Although Koerbel didn’t go into specifics, he posted this update: “Hello everyone, thanks for all the support and views over the past 36 hours. I’ve been asked to remove the video, so it is unfortunately no longer available to the public. Sorry for the inconvenience.” The very cool short depicted a young man who used “his imagination to connect with a girl on a New York City subway” and was kind of like the G-rated version of this commercial.