Show Up On A Bike And Get A Discount At These East Village And LES Establishments

09.18.12 Andy Cush

As part of an initiative being billed as the “Bike Friendly Business District,” over 100 businesses in the East Village and Lower East Side will offer discounts to customers who arrive by bicycle. The program begins this Saturday, September 22, when a guided tour of all of the participating businesses–including Veselka, Addiction NYC, Arena Salon, and Bareburger, among many others–will be held.

The Bike Friendly Business District” is being headed up by bicycle, walking, and public transportation advocate group Transportation Alternatives, which has already worked with businesses scattered throughout the city to provide discounts to cyclists. “The district was the next logical step for us, thinking about focusing on New York as a city of neighborhoods,” said Miller Nuttle, a spokesperson for the project. “It’s a program we’d really like to see spread through the city.”

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(Image: Clint McMahon/Flickr)