Sign The Petition To Get TSA Back On The Accountability Track

07.11.12 David Lumb

A year ago, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals took TSA to task for violating federal law when it flooded airports with body scanners without allowing time for the public to get a word in edgewise. The court ruled that the TSA needs to get its ass in gear and allow a notice-and-comment period for the public to voice its concerns, to which the agency would need to respond and justify bombarding your body with radiation to show semi-nude you to the man behind the curtain.

After a year of backlash regarding the groping, racial profiling, and outright ineffectiveness of the machines, the TSA’s progress is exactly nil. And apparently, still legally supported!

Dear Citizenry: you have 27 days to sign this petition to the big man in the White House who keeps writing the TSA checks despite their willful desire to keep themselves insulated from court-mandated public criticism. Add your voice to the folks hammering at Obama’s door to get the TSA to halt, listen, and take privacy concerns seriously. A handful of studies agreeing on the scanners’ negligible health risks does not nullify the need for TSA to address the public’s concern.