Sir, You Can’t Bring Your Giant Pillow Penis into the New Museum!

03.18.10 Marina Galperina

Who was that guy with the pink felt elephantitis-stricken member in tow who lasted under a minute loitering in the lobby of the New Museum?

With several months of similar NYC-situated antics, artist David Livingston took “The Big Dick” to NuMu. After a very brief, nonchalant shuffle, he was curtly escorted out of the New Museum by security, lest the 6 foot long flaccid felt penis that he sewed and stuffed with sofa upholstery” distract from the porky clone orgy, incesty self-felatio, and double-sided dong-faces upstairs at ‘Skin Fruit.’

Livingston’s fun absurdist stunt is no match for the classic Penis Copter, but it’s quite a clever echo to the NuMu’s continuing bog in hypocrisy, even if it’s unintentional. And I bet you’ve already forgotten David Livingston’s name from a paragraph ago, but you do remember “The Big Dick.”