‘Skin’ Trailer: Damien Hirst’s Butterfly Crotch Tattoo in Action

11.07.11 Marina Galperina

tatThis sleek trailer from Ryan Hope’s docu debut is your behind-the-scenes for the Dasha Zhukova’s GARAGE Magazine shoot, the one with all the artist tattoos including the infamous butterfly labia à la Damien Hirst. Looks like that’s the proprietor cringing.

Not sure what’s up with that over-produced ad-sy bullshit in the beginning, but the collaged split-split-split screens featuring the actual Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon and John Baldessari tattoo action are pretty enticing. Nice follow up on Hedi Slimane’s severe, black and white pictorials.

When we thought about Shauna “The Worst Pain I Have Felt” Taylor getting her art on, we didn’t picture all that ceremony visible in the upper right corner for a second there — the slow-mo, the festively dressed hands for her to lean her head into, her cat-eyed lids shuddering as the shiny gadget nears her crotch… “A documentary that tests the boundaries of art and the human body, Skin is a dark, stylish examination of tattoo culture as high art.” We shall see (it.)