Sleeping Beauty Art Exhibit Condemned As Lesbian Propaganda

10.11.12 Marina Galperina

Last month, we were intrigued by Ukranian-Canadian artist Taras Polataiko’s performance installation Sleeping Beauty, where five women “slept” on pedestal beds at the National Museum of Art in Ukraine while visitors took turns kissing them. If a beauty opened her eyes, the two were legally obligated to marry. And so, it happened. With a girl. Cue institutionalized gay-panic!

The blinded beauties and their suitors seemed giddy to feel a connection “intuitively,” to “feel their heart.” That it was another woman that awoke one of the beauties came as a surprise to everyone involved. If anything, it was a great demonstration of the concept.

But alas, on October 2nd the Ukrainian Parliament voted for Bill 8711 which bans “propaganda” about homosexuality — similar to the laws in St. Petersburg. The exhibition was already nearly shut down by the Ukranian Ministry of Culture.

Hyperallergic reports excellently on the case: The Ukrainian Catholic Church has officially condemned the exhibit as “lesbian propaganda,” decrying to the Ukrainian President that the exhibition is “not just an innocent play, but is actually an ideological means to promote perversion.”

And not a successful social art experiment on spontaneous, blind stirring of emotion.

(Image: Taras Polataiko/Facebook)