Snowy Owls Shot Down at JFK Airport

12.09.13 Andy Cush

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey shot and killed at least two snowy owls at JFK Airport Saturday, ordering that any more of the birds spotted there be killed as well. The decision came after an owl made its way into the engine of a plane that was sitting on the runway.

In June, ANIMAL published Federal Fish and Wildlife Service documents authorizing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to kill 30 snowy owls per year in New York, along with a host of other species.

“I hope that pressure can be brought to bear to stop these killings,” Richard Brummel, the activist who brought the permits to our attention, said at the time. “It is shocking that beyond the intolerance for geese because of their droppings, somehow we now are killing mallard ducks, egrets, owls, woodpeckers, osprey and other animals that seem to be beautiful parts of nature to me and to almost everyone else I have ever encountered.”

(Photo: Fcb981/Flickr)